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USA Sex Devil and Germany Sex Drop Combo
RM135.00  MYR
RM99.00  MYR



Function: this product is clear liquid, ordorless and smelless. Can soluble in all kinds of drinks quickly, within several minutes after taken by women will have effect. The face will become red, techypnea, the whole body to be dry and hot, breath hot, eager to have sex with you.

Expiry: 3 years

Specification: 15ml

Usage: directly put it into the drink, every time five drops will have effect. Can not take it more than 15 drops, can mix with any drink, Take it 30 minutes before intercourse.


Increase Sex Drive Instantly with Germany Sex Drops.

1. Great effective,100% natural herbal
2.Effective sex medicine,free of side-effect

Germany Sex Drops has long been a legendary aphrodisiac and for good reason. Just a few drops will make him or her feel very, very horny.

Here are the results you can expect by taking Germany Sex Drops :

    Increase libido or arouse sex drive immediately, horny with WET Vagina
    More frequent interest in sex
    Promoted sexual response time, quicker arousal and less time to climax
    Intensified sexual sensation and orgasm
    Promoted clitoral stimulation
    Increased likelihood of multiple orgasms
    Increases blood flow to the female genital area and maximizes engorgement of the clitoris

1. Forbidden to use the product to trap girls
2. Don’t use it twice within 24 hours
3. Only for legal couples
4. Forbidden to be used by pregnant woman and people with cardiovascular diseases

Peringatan : Jangan salah gunakan produk ini.


2 Bottles Germany Sex Drops

1 Bottle USA Sex Devil


= RM99.00

(valid while stocks last)



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